Call of Duty Warzone record is broken!


Having 60 million players, Warzone hosted a new record. In the past few days, TylerTeePee, Symfuhny, DougisRaw and HusKerrs broke the Call of Duty Warzone’s record for killing as a team. This time, a different team equaled the broken record.

Call of Duty Warzone on the agenda with the highest killing record
Because of the Corona virus, people started to spend more time with games. For this reason, the online player record has been broken on Steam periodically for some time.

Games like Call of Duty and CS: GO continue to set their own records. Call of Duty series is preferred by many players. That’s why the records in the game change in a short time.

On May 15, the team with the names TylerTeePee, Symfuhny, DougisRaw and HusKerrs broke a record by killing 121 players. Recently, Vikkstar123, FaZe Priestahh, aBeZy and Cellium nicknames have killed 138 players and broke this record again.

Vikkstar announced that they broke a new record by killing 147 people in the game, which included 39 teams, through sharing on Twitter. Considering that there can be a maximum of 150 players in the game, killing 147 people can be considered as a great success. The nuclear bomb in Bunker 11 is expected to take place in the game in the new season, which is at the end of the third season.


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