Call of Duty Warzone does not require PS Plus, but subscribers do get a little extra


Activision and Sony have announced that the free to play Call of Duty Warzone does not require a PlayStation Plus subscriber. However, if you are, you will get a nice extra.

A few hours before the Battle Royale mode was officially announced yesterday, a promotional video about Warzone went online on Twitch. However, this video claimed that a PS Plus subscription was required to play the game.

This is therefore denied by Activision and Sony, because it is a free-to-play game and that is never a requirement. It is true that if you are a subscriber you will receive a bonus in the form of a Warzone Combat pack. What is in it is unknown, but you can find it in PlayStation Store. The contents of this pack with presumably cosmetic items is exclusively available on PlayStation 4 until October 1.

From today, Warzone is playable for everyone, even if you don’t have Call of Duty Modern Warfare. They are two modes that are playable, namely the Battle Royale and the Plunder mode. Are you going to give Call of Duty Warzone a chance? Or do you not like the Battle Royale genre? Let us know in the comments!

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