Call of Duty Mobile’s New Multiplayer Map ‘Highrise’ Announced


A new map comes to Call of Duty Mobile where players first met Modern Warfare 2. The new multiplayer map, Highrise, will bring diversity to the battlefield both in its far and close range with its tall buildings.

The 7th season of Call of Duty Mobile was released in the past weeks. The new season update will bring new multiplayer modes from Modern Warfare, as well as changes to the battle royale map. Season 7 has just begun in the mobile Call of Duty game and many more novelties await.

Call of Duty Mobile had a new multiplayer map called ‘Tunisia’ in Season 7 and a zombie game mode called Attack of the Undead. The Call of Duty Mobile Twitter account has now announced that the new multiplayer map called ‘Highrise’ will be added to the game soon. However, no details were given about the release date of the new map.

Call of Duty Mobile’s new map, Highrise, will bring diversity to war

We can say that Highrise will definitely be a unique ‘multiplayer map’ for Call of Duty Mobile fans. The Highrise map contains high-rise buildings and cranes, which, unlike other maps, will add variety to the style of the players. Highrise, one of the favorite maps of the old Call of Duty fans, first appeared in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Mobile versions of Call of Duty maps are generally designed to be true to their original. The new map with high-rise buildings will offer fierce battles both at close range and far distance. In Highrise, players will be able to use a wide variety of weapons, from submachine guns to sniper rifles. The multiplayer map will come as part of season 7, even if it’s not seen on Activision’s road map.

In addition to Highrise, Call of Duty Mobile will soon introduce Gulag, a 1v1 multiplayer map. Like the new map, the release date of Gulag is not currently determined. However, according to the 7th season roadmap, Gulag will be added to the game later this month.


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