Call of Duty: Maps, Weapons and More to Be Found in Cold War


It turned out which maps, weapons, features and many more things that the game is claimed to be released as Call of Duty: Cold War this year. The information was not shared officially.

Activision, which achieved a great success again with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that it released last year, seems to add a new game to the series this year. There were even images that allegedly belonged to the game, which will be released this year under the name Call of Duty: Cold War.

After the release of the gameplay footage of the game, this time also revealed some information about what Call of Duty: Cold War has to offer players. With the newly learned information, we had an idea about what to expect from the Call of Duty game that will be released this year.

The resulting information:

The resulting information included the game’s maps, weapons, killstreak rewards, modes, abilities, and more. It is worth noting that none of the information is precise before we list this information to you. Therefore, the game we encounter may not contain some or even none of the following information.


1911 Pistol
Colt Revolver
Daewoo K2
Killstreak rewards:


Chopper gunner
Napalm attack
Flame machine
Artillery attack
UAV versus
Attack dogs


Firing Range
Huge Ground War ice map
6 to 6 Russian city maps
A map with a river divided into 6 by 6, triple, open ground and a warehouse

No Dead Silence

Toughness returns
Other details:

Class Warfare-like class creation system

Normal small map
No specialist skills
Operators are coming back
Ground War returns
No battle royale mode

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