Call An Uber Through WhatsApp? This Is Possible In A New App Test.


Uber announced this Thursday morning (2) that it is starting to launch a feature that will allow its users the option to book a trip using the services of a company chatbot on WhatsApp. This means passengers will no longer need to download the Uber app, as all process tasks such as booking, booking and travel receipts will be made available by the “Zap” bot.

The schedule foresees that the service will be available, at this first moment, only in the Indian city of Lucnau, in the state of Utar Pradexe. The test will then extend to the capital New Delhi, reaching all locations in India in 2022. By introducing the service gradually, but in cities with large populations, the company hopes to have time to assess the system’s operation.

How to order an Uber through WhatsApp?

To request a trip via Uber via the bot, passengers will have three options after opening WhatsApp: send messages to Uber’s business account number, scan a QR Code or click a link to directly open a chat on Uber WhatsApp . Once this is done, all you have to do is provide the departure and arrival points to receive the trip fare and the driver’s estimated arrival time.

On its blog, the company explains that “passengers have the same security features and insurance protections as those who book travel directly through the app.” This also means receiving the driver’s name and vehicle license plate, being able to track their location on the way to the embarkation point, and speaking to the driver, if necessary, using a “masked” number.

For drivers, the update doesn’t add anything new as they will continue to use the Uber Driver normally. For now, Uber’s chatbot only communicates in English, but the company will soon add, in addition to Hindi, several other languages ​​spoken in that country.

Although the initial test only takes place in India, there is a chance that the new product will arrive in Brazil in the future. After all, the country has a large WhatsApp user base and often receives exclusive tests of both apps.