Californian is bitten by a shark while on vacation in Miami



The man who is originally from Santa Rosa, California was enjoying the waves in the ocean at the popular South Florida destination when he suddenly felt a severe pain in his leg and did everything to get out of the water.

In the video shared on social networks, the man is seen lying in the sand and bleeding while receiving medical attention.

“It felt like a large log had hit my leg. I was not sure what exactly happened, I was confused, ”the 31-year-old told the Press Democrat newspaper.

“Surprisingly, the attack didn’t hurt. I didn’t feel like I had been bitten, I think the shark’s teeth are so sharp that it was a clean bite and it didn’t really hurt, ”said the man.

After receiving first aid on the beach, the young man was transferred to Jackson Memorial Hospital in the city of Miami to receive further medical attention.

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