California Governor Gavin Newsom’s reaction to the UCLA decision: Fan reaction


California Governor Gavin Newsom is unhappy with the way UCLA announced its decision to leave the Pac-12 conference.

During a recent interview with The Issue Is, Newsom shared his thoughts on how the Bruins are handling the situation.

Newsom, chairman of the University of California Board of Trustees, said the public university system was completely in the dark.

“I’ve read about it,” Newsome said with obvious disappointment. “I’m the governor, it’s okay. But perhaps more importantly, I am the chairman of the regents of the University of California, and I have read about it… This was done in isolation. This was done without any supervision or support. it was done without any consideration of my knowledge.”

“We have never been consulted. We have never asked for an opinion,” he added. “They didn’t even have the decency to report it. Believe me when I say this. We are not going to delve into this. We study it a few minutes after reading this.”

The world of college football reacted to Newsom’s words on Twitter.

“Lol… Newsome and its agenda. Sorry, Gav, you’re not in charge of this. His ego is being seriously tested in this interview, as you can tell,” said one fan.

“There’s absolutely nothing your clown ass or the regents of the University of California can do about it. They fled to a much more serious conference with 4-5 times more income. This dude really thinks he’s God…” said another.

“Neither he nor the courts can do anything. The deal is done. The Pac-12 behaved like a minor league operation and as a result they will eventually cease to exist,” another added.

The regents of the University of California will meet to discuss the transition of the University of California to the Big Ten at the end of this month, on July 21.