California fires have burned nearly all of Puerto Rico


The fires registered in California have already burned about 1.3 million hectares of its forests, an area equivalent to almost the entire territory of Puerto Rico.

In total, and according to figures from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire), more than 7,800 fires have occurred in the West Coast state so far this year, despite the traditionally difficult months in As for fires – October and November – they have not yet arrived.

Some 16,000 firefighters are working throughout California to try to prevent the strong winds forecast for the next few hours from further out of control of the fires, in which at least thirty people have already died since mid-August and tens of thousands remain evacuated.

Things could get worse

Generally, the worst of California’s fire season does not arrive until October, but the state has already recorded more than 1.2 million hectares burned, which is a record, according to figures from the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Of California.

Experts coincide in blaming an amalgam of reasons that include both global warming (less rain, more dryness and very high temperatures) and forest management, in addition to the increase in human presence in traditionally unpopulated areas, which means that, when are declared, these fires prove much more dangerous.

In Wednesday’s update, Cal Fire said the red flag warning continues in parts of northeast California around the Modoc National Forest and the Tulelake Basin due to gusty winds and low humidity.

“Temperatures are expected to be warm today (Wednesday) and Thursday, albeit moderated a bit by smoke (…) With no significant rainfall in sight, California remains dry and ready for more wildfires,” they noted.

According to that department, activity increased in several of the wildfires, while crews continued their progress toward containment in other fires.


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