Calculator showing what a black hole can do to the world


It is difficult to visually predict how a black hole can have an impact on our planet. But a physics student tells us about the effect that at least numbers can make thanks to his calculator.

Today, Omni Calculator, which has more than 777 calculation systems under the title of every area of ​​life, has added a new one to its system today. The new calculation system allows you to examine the effects of a black hole on Earth, the Sun or any planet.

The new calculator, called the Black Hole Collision Calculator, was developed by Alvaro Diez, a physics student at the University of Warsaw in Poland. Alvaro developed this calculator in just one week and spent most of the time turning it into a tool that could appeal to the general audience.

Speaking about black holes in an interview with, Diez said the physics underlying a black hole were not overly confused. But Newton’s mechanics were enough to reveal the general properties of a black hole, but he said the physics of the black holes were quite strange.

Alvaro Diez shared what he was inspired to make such a calculator. Diez said he was inspired by the emergence of a lot of information about black holes lately. For example, at the beginning of this year, scientists took a picture of a black hole for the first time with the Event Horizon Telescope.

Describing this year as the ‘Black Hole Year Die, Diez said that he wanted to be a part of this special year after the developments in the scientific world. The physics student then decided to create a calculator to help people understand these mysterious objects better.

You can access Alvaro Diez’s calculator by clicking on this link. In addition, Diez had designed several calculators before that. One of these was a calculator that provided useful functions for planets outside our Solar System called op Exoplanet.. You can also access the Exoplanet calculator by clicking this link.

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