Calculation of coronavirus from the British doctor


According to the BBC’s report, British mathematician Dr. Kit Yates states that as a result of his calculations, all coronaviruses in the world can fit in a Coke box.

This calculation about the coronavirus, which has been effective all over the world for more than a year, was made by taking into account the space that will be formed by spiny protrusions in the case of coronaviruses.

The coronavirus has a size of 100 nanometers

It is stated that the diameter of the coronavirus, which has infected more than 106 million people and killed more than 2 million people, has a very small size of 100 nanometers. Based on this opinion, Dr. Yates, a faculty member at the University of Bath and author of the book Mathematics of Life and Death, states that the coronaviruses found all over the world will have a volume of 160 millimeters.

In calculations, Dr. Yates states that if coronaviruses are placed on top of each other, he also takes into account the space that will be formed by spiny protrusions.

At the same time, Dr. He points out that, according to what Yates indicated in his scientific article, half a million people tested positive for coronavirus within 24 hours. However, he states that this value, which occurs in 24 hours, is taken as 3 million in order to be more realistic, due to the fact that some people do not show symptoms in the calculations, some people choose not to have tests and in some countries the testing facilities are limited.

As a result of his findings, Yates calculated that the number of coronaviruses in the world in a certain period of time was 2 × 10, that is, two billion.

Commenting on this calculation, Dr Yates said, “This is a huge number. “As many as there are grains of sand on the planet,” he said.

The doctor then came to the conclusion using the sphere volume formula, V = 4 π r³ / 3, that the volume of each virus is 523,000 nm cubed. In addition, it should be noted that Dr Yates accepted the diameter of the virus as 100 nm in the calculation.

As a result, when this value is multiplied by two quintillions, it becomes 120 milliliters. When the gaps that will occur during the superposition of viruses are taken into account, it has been concluded that all viruses in the world will occupy 160 milliliters.

To compare this result, you can use the volume of a can of cola, that is 330 milliliters.


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