Caixa and Visa, online e-commerce shopping solution


With the growth of online shopping, it was necessary for a portion of the population to be inserted in this market in order to be able to consume at that time of stores reopening at reduced hours after closed months. However, the ease and speed of this type of trade is one of the legacies of social isolation that must remain.

With that in mind, Caixa Econômica Federal and Visa came together to launch the virtual debit card, available through the CAIXA app, which can help in the digital and financial inclusion of those who start making their purchases in the online world. There is no annual fee or maintenance fee in this modality.

The card is issued under the Visa banner and can be generated to make purchases in online stores across the country, as long as, of course, they accept this payment method. It also applies to transport applications, deliveries and streaming services that accept debit transitions, preventing consumers from worrying about using the data on the physical card.

There are 16 digits, expiration date and dynamic security code. Which means, in practice, that for each transaction that the consumer does in e-commerce it will generate a new security code (CVV), bringing even more security to the transaction.

According to Caixa, all customers who have a checking account, savings account or a Caixa Fácil account, individual, can generate, free of charge, the virtual debit card in Internet Banking or Mobile Banking. Digital Social Savings customers have their virtual card in the CAIXA Tem application. The generation of a new security code will not be necessary for transactions resulting from subscriptions and purchases in applications that the card is registered (recurring transactions or Buy with 1 Click), as these are preceded by the complete registration of the card data, moment that are validated.

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Caixa and Visa, virtual debit card for online purchasing

Still in June this year, the state-owned bank announced its newest product, the CAIXA SIM Visa card, which arrives as a new option for those customers who are looking to purchase a credit card, but do not want to pay an annual fee.


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