Caitlyn Jenner: Her grandchildren give her a nickname to avoid the mistake


He was first their grandfather. Bruce, now Caitlyn, has certainly become a woman, but does not deny under any circumstances to be the origin of a long line. The former athlete has therefore accepted a small nickname specially chosen to avoid confusion.

It is with refreshing honesty that Caitlyn Jenner agreed to discuss the changes related to her new identity. Candidate star of the British version of I am a celebrity, get me out of there!, She explained on November 21, 2019, on the camp of her team – Team Snake Rock -, that her children continued to call her “daddy” “… and that this did not cause him any problem. “Kendall first asked me,” she says, “and I told her to call me that, I’m her father, and I’ll always be, until the last day.”

Caitlyn Jenner’s children had to relearn how to talk to him. If the term “daddy” is still rooted in the family, a small difference has finally emerged. “What surprises me each time is that they are very good when they talk about me My children say” My father, she … “and it’s hard to change this pronoun in the middle”, note -t it. As for her grandchildren – she will have twenty, in all, in December – they ended up deciding between “grandpa” and “granny” by selecting none: instead, they call it “Boom Boom”. “It ended up staying,” she said, “it was easier for them to say.”

Some of you are making some pretty stupid comments
She learned to handle problems with humor. Her sexual reassignment surgery was not only the subject of positive commentary, Caitlyn Jenner had made the choice to discuss it with humor on the set of Comedy Central in September: “I know that some of you make some pretty stupid comments about that, let me remind you that ‘that’ spawned Kylie Jenner, the youngest billionaire in history to have done it all by herself, ‘That’ also created Kendall Jenner, the the best paid model in the universe, I raised ten children, I have twenty grandchildren now, so no, I did not cut him off, I let him retire. could not take it anymore! And she never really looked so radiant …


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