Caitlyn Jenner confirms that Kylie Jenner has chosen a new name for her son: why the nickname is no longer a wolf


Mother’s word! Caitlyn Jenner knows the new name that Kylie Jenner chose for her son after she changed her mind about Wolf, but the former reality TV star won’t blab.

“I can’t say—” the 72-year-old author of “Secrets of My Life” told Entertainment Tonight on Sunday, March 27. – [Kylie] hasn’t officially announced it. We have discussed this a lot. I think I have a lot of experience in naming people, especially in trying to identify myself, and it’s very difficult.”

The New York native told the publication that choosing her own name in 2015 after she declared herself transgender was something she “struggled with… for years.”

The Olympian continued: “When you have a small child, you know that a small child is coming out and you think about what he should be, but then you pick him up, play with him, spend time with him and say, “I do not know if this name is appropriate, maybe it is another name.” This is Kylie’s decision when she officially announces it. But honestly, I think it’s very good.”

The former athlete’s comments came a week after the 24-year-old creator of Kylie Cosmetics told her Instagram followers that she and Travis Scott no longer call their one-month-old son Wolf.

“For your information, our son’s name is no longer Wolf,” the makeup mogul, who is also the mother of 4-year-old daughter Stormy, explained in her Instagram story last week. “We just didn’t feel like it was him. I just wanted to share, because I see a Wolf everywhere all the time.”

The “Kylie’s Life” alum welcomed her baby boy in February, giving Caitlin her 19th grandchild. Burt Jenner rounded the number up to 20 when he and his wife Valerie Patalo welcomed daughter Goldie, who is now 1 week old, on March 19.

“Now I have 10 children and we have about 20 grandchildren,” the I Am Cait graduate said on Sunday. “Little Goldie Brooklyn Jenner was born just this week. I tell the girls I want 30. I like a good number. Thirty is not bad, we will set the bar high.”

Caitlin welcomed grandson #19 last month, saying during an appearance on Good Morning Britain that the family of four is doing “great.”

She said: “I [met him]. The family is growing! Kylie had a son, it was announced the other day. I have to be very quiet. I have to be very sensitive and careful when I talk about family. … Everyone is doing well.”