Caitlin Carter compares the body after giving birth in a bikini with her tummy: “Now and then”


Compare and contrast! Six months after giving birth, Caitlin Carter showed off her postpartum body in a bikini.

“Now compared to what it was on the ranch,” the 33—year-old Hills: Next Generation graduate signed mirror selfies on Instagram on Sunday, April 10. “There are already so many happy memories here, I can’t wait to bring Rowan here for years to come.”

In the first photo in a slideshow on social media, the former reality star held her 6-month-old son Rowan on her hip, posing in a brown bathing suit and straw hat. On the second slide was a photo from the past, in which the New Hampshire native sported a floral print bikini.

“Oh, look how he looks at you,” commented Carter’s co—star Ashley Slack on the post. “And you look HOT!”

The newly-made mom previously clapped back to trolls on Instagram for sporting “revealing” clothes after the birth of a child.

“I’ve always read about women being criticized for their choices after becoming mothers, but this is my first personal experience,” the former MTV personality wrote in January. “During my time on Instagram, I put on a few “revealing” outfits, and it didn’t bother anyone. Suddenly NOW it’s so shocking! I am very sad that this is the world we live in. It is expected that you will dress like this in preschool and in a different way after.”

Carter further wrote that she asked for “the sexiest outfit for a party” while shopping for a New Year’s outfit in Texas.

“Although my breasts are currently much bigger than usual because I’m BREASTFEEDING a BABY, my boyfriend, [Christopher Brock], and I still liked how it fits,” Carter concluded at the time. “I said to myself: “This is my body right now, and I can either be ashamed and hide it, or I can do what I WANT to do, that is, accept and celebrate everything that my body is and has been for me at the moment. Last year.” So I did what I wanted to do, and that’s what women should be encouraged to do ALL THE TIME.”

A graduate of the University of New Hampshire gave birth to a baby in September 2021, and two months later criticized the parenting police when haters informed her about a plush toy in Rowan’s crib.

“Guys, I am fully familiar with the safety rules of cots. The bear is there only during the day to keep him company while sleeping, while we are constantly watching him,” Carter wrote on Instagram Stories in November 2021. “I would like to be able to share things here without unwanted police interference . I have it covered up.”