C6 TechInvest: How To Start Investing With Just A Few Taps


C6 TechInvest: If you’ve ever searched for terms like “how to start investing” on the internet, you’ve probably come across a shower of content, technical terms and courses that promise to show you where to go. It is at this point that many people create the wrong idea that investing is complicated and end up giving up trying.

Having a tool that facilitates the investing experience makes all the difference. And that is the mission of C6 TechInvest, C6 Bank’s investment advisor.

What is C6 TechInvest?

Are you wanting to start putting your money to work for you, but don’t know how much, how, or where to do it? C6 TechInvest is the launch of C6 Bank to make life easier for those who want to start investing efficiently.

With it, investments can be made in a few touches, directly on the cell phone. Through the application, it is possible to build a personalized investment portfolio with diversified assets and following your financial goals.

Who can start investing with C6 TechInvest?

It is possible to invest from $1,000 in the application, with liquidity of D+1, that is, it allows for redemptions one day after the investment. For those looking for portfolio diversification, the C6 TechInvest is also an excellent choice. It is possible to invest in domestic assets, such as fixed income and Ibovespa, and international assets, such as the US Treasury, Nasdaq and S&P 500 — and there are still other varied options, such as investing in precious metals, for example.