C6 Bank: how to transfer money to another account without paying fees


C6 Bank allows you to transfer money to digital bank accounts or other institutions via TED, unlimitedly and without charging fees. Nubank’s rival offers the feature through its application for Android and iPhone (iOS), and avoids charging fees common to traditional banks.

Among other features of C6 Bank are unlimited withdrawals from Banco24Horas cashiers and a credit card with no annual fees. In the following tutorial, check out how to transfer money at C6 Bank without paying fees.

Step 1. Open the C6 Bank application on your phone. Then, on the home screen, select the “Transfer” button. Select one of the options between “C6 Bank Account”, “Another Bank” or “C6 Kick”;

Step 2. Select which bank you want to transfer to. Then enter all the information regarding the account and the person who will receive the money. Select the type of account (checking, savings, payment), add CPF / CNPJ, full name, branch and receipt account;

Step 3. Add the amount you want to transfer and press “Continue”. On the confirmation screen, see the complete information of the transfer with agency, account, name of who will receive the money, type of transfer and date. If you need to edit something, just touch the pencil icon. If everything is correct, confirm in “Transfer”;

Step 4. Finally, press “Confirm” and add your personal four-digit password to complete the transfer;

Step 5. You will receive a confirmation message indicating that the transfer has been completed. If you need, you can access the voucher with a summary of the information to share with the person or save on your cell phone.

Ready! Your transfer from the C6 Bank account has been completed.


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