C6 Bank fined R $ 7 million by Procon-SP for undue loans


Banco C6 Bank was fined R $ 7 million by Procon-SP for abusive practices and other violations of the Consumer Protection Code. Clients from the São Paulo state gang were surprised by unsolicited payroll loans, and Banco C6 did not reverse the situation.

When the loan was applied, installments of social benefits – such as pensions and INSS pensions – were discounted to the payment. Affected customers said they never authorized such loans and accused C6 Bank of not reversing events when sought.

As indicated by Procon-SP, granting an unsolicited loan and discounting the respective installments in account holders’ accounts is an abusive practice. In addition, the company impacted the income of pensioners and retirees, using their data improperly and without any consent, and gave them the burden of proving that the contracts were not valid, after having their routine and financial life seriously impacted.

The negligent support for affected customers was also highlighted in the application of the fine. Considering that the banking institution made it difficult or prevented the cancellation of the loan – and the reversal of the discounted installments – within the period of legal repentance (7 days), the infraction became even more serious, and C6 Bank did not provide explanations requested by the credit team. inspection by Procon-SP.

Adding all the infractions, the fine imposed by Procon-SP was around R $ 7 million and will be applied through administrative process and the company has the right to defense.


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