ByteDance won’t sell TikTok’s US operation


It is said that the possibility of selling the US operation of TikTok, the rapidly rising and highly discussed social network of recent times, is eliminated. According to the news of the CGTN controlled by the Chinese government; ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, will not sell its US operation to Microsoft or Oracle. The company will not share the source code of the application with an American company either. Microsoft announced that the negotiations to buy TikTok were inconclusive.

ByteDance is said to be working on a complex deal with Oracle. Within the framework of this agreement, it is stated that the parties will be each other’s “reliable technology partners” and will receive shares from each other’s organizations.

CGTN’s news also includes information that China has updated technologies with export prohibitions or restrictions. Some experts state that the Chinese government did this to prevent TikTok from being sold to an American company without its consent.

In the article, it was pointed out that ByteDance has many advanced technologies in artificial intelligence and other fields; It was stated that some of these were related to the articles in the documents revised by the Chinese government.

There is no official statement from the ByteDance front yet. Zhang Yiming, the company’s president, stated that they are currently focused solely on finding a solution that will benefit users, business partners, content owners and employees.

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