ByteDance signs patent for virtual reality viewing in China


Known by many as the “owner of TikTok”, ByteDance is not limited to operations related to the social network that is in the midst of the most recent controversy with the American government, which may provide the outcome with a joint purchase between Microsoft and Walmart to the service in the United States.

One example of this is due to the appearance of a homologation carried out recently by the company that confirms a project related to virtual reality, being identified in the patent as “A method, device and electronic equipment for roaming in the virtual space”.

Another aspect that draws attention in the patent is that the description itself states that the brand has created an entire system that covers not only the method but also the device and electronic equipment necessary for updating.

Also according to the patent, the description states that the system intends to “identify the user’s current point of view in the virtual space; determine the user’s current roaming route according to the current point of view and the predefined point of view corresponding to the target virtual subspace; where the target virtual subspace is the virtual subspace A; the roaming route is displayed in the virtual space ”.


For the time being, however, it is not clear whether the patent means the presentation of a new product or service soon by ByteDance or merely the registration aimed at licensing for partners at some point in the future, something that would not be impossible.

In any case, it seems at least unlikely for the time being that this system will be linked to TikTok or another currently active service.

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