Byte that brought Vine back years later, it was finally put into use


Byte, which is the successor of Vine, and is also known as ‘Vine 2’. It was put into use after a long wait. The application, which has been given tips since 2017, became available for download for iOS and Android last weekend.

Byte; It is a video sharing application that is said to be released in 2017, postponed later and drag enthusiasts into a long wait. The app was developed by Dom Hofmann, one of Vine’s co-founders, and was intended to fill the gap Vine left on social media. A recent development eventually ended the years of waiting.

In our news about the application in the past days, we mentioned that the first short video sharing application, which will be replaced after the popular application Vine, will be available soon. The Twitter sharing byte gave the signals that the application will be available for download very soon. Finally Byte at the end of last week; It became available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store, relieving Vine fans for years. Of course, it is useful to make an addition at this point; Although the application is available in many countries, it is not yet available for download in our country.

The purpose of the application’s exit:
Vine was presented to users for the first time in 2013. First released for iOS, the app also came to Android devices after a while, and Vine became an app used by millions of people worldwide.

Later, the platform was closed for use in 2016. Users who couldn’t get enough of Vine kept their memories fresh by watching funny videos shared from the platform on YouTube. It seems that Byte will make this longing come to an end as ‘Vine 2’.

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Will Byte be able to replace Vine?
The main purpose of the project, which was initiated by one of Vine’s co-founders Dom Hofmann, was to bring Vine back with another name. Users will decide whether this goal is fully achieved. The app described by Hofmann as “a little familiar, a little new” has a brand new design and name while evoking Vine as a function.


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