Is Bving and BSV Experiencing Halving a Positive Sign for Bitcoin?


The block prize halfway that Bitcoin Cash lives and Bitcoin SV will perform in the coming hours also contains interesting messages for the Bitcoin block prize halfway that will take place approximately 1 month later.

Both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV achieved a serious price increase as the block reward halving approached. BCH achieved an approximate 7% increase, while Bitcoin SV doubled it. In the Bitcoin Cash network, the rate of finding blocks has dropped drastically at the moment, and miners’ interest has decreased after the block prize split.

How Does Bitcoin Halving Affect the Price?
Of course, one of the biggest reasons for this decrease in interest is that Bitcoin has not yet experienced a block reward halfway and miners are able to earn more with a similar effort. The lesson for Bitcoin Halving, which will take place next month, is that we can see a serious upward rally in recent days.

Although some experts state that the price had already seen the effect of Halving in early 2020, it was the opposite for Bitcoin Cash.

However, it seems likely that the price will experience a sharp decrease after Bitcoin Halving, and it is estimated that there will be a complete uncertainty about this issue until May.


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