Buzz Lightyear’s 20 Best Quotes from the Toy Story Movies


The Toy Story films are filled with memorable characters, but few are as entertaining as Buzz Lightyear. The “space ranger” is introduced in the first ground-breaking Pixar film as a delusional yet heroic toy who doesn’t realize that he’s a toy. Throughout the franchise, he grew and continued to be one of the most loyal toys around.

Though the series is ended with Toy Story 4, there are plenty of great moments to look back on and a lot of Buzz Lightyear memories to revisit. From his heroics to him just being ridiculous, these are the best Buzz Lightyear quotes from the Toy Story films.

Updated on June 20th, 2022 by Colin McCormick: Few animated characters are as beloved and iconic as Buzz Lightyear. His popularity has transcended the Toy Story franchise leading to his new solo movie from Pixar, Lightyear. Chris Evans voices the new version of Buzz Lightyear who inspired the toys and merchandise seen in the Toy Story universe. As fans check out this new adventure with the space ranger, they can revisit some of his best quotes from the Toy Story movies.


“I Am Buzz Lightyear; I Come In Peace.”

When Buzz Lightyear first arrives in Andy’s room, he is in full space ranger mode. He assumes he is on a distant planet while he greets the other toys as if they are the strange creatures who inhabit this new world.

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It is funny how, given his new impressive status as Andy’s big new toy, the others regard Buzz with reverence and awe as if he were really a visitor from space. It helps to cement him as the celebrity of Andy’s room and feeds into his delusion of being a space ranger.

Living A Lie

“Years Of Academy Training Wasted.”

After seeing Buzz as the stoic and collected space hero for so much of the first Toy Story movie, it is quite funny to see him suddenly have a breakdown upon learning that he is really just a toy. Yet he still finds it hard to separate the reality from what he had in his head.

As he snaps and starts to lament his situation, he talks about all the time wasted training to be a space ranger only to actually be a toy. It doesn’t occur to him that he likely never actually did any space ranger training.

Life As A Toy

“Andy’s House. Sid’s House. What’s The Difference?”

As hard as the truth is for Buzz to accept at first, the revelation that he is a toy is the start of a new journey for him and one that is far more rewarding. Of course, he does not see it that way at first and fails to understand the importance of being a toy.

When Woody tries to get Buzz’s spirit back up in order to escape Sid’s room, Buzz admits he sees no difference between which kid he belongs to. It is a defeated moment for the hero as he sees a pointlessness in his new existence but it is also the moment he realizes he means something to Andy.

Buzz Meets Buzz

“Am I That Fat?”

Toy Story 2 finds Buzz fully embracing his role as a toy, but even he is flabbergasted to come across an entire aisle of Buzz Lightyear action figures when in Al’s Toy Barn. And in a funny moment of self-reflection, he looks at one of the identical toys and is dismayed to see that is what he really looks like.

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After seeing him being consumed with his space ranger identity, it was a lot of fun seeing Buzz as a more grounded character and one who would have such a relatable moment as this.

Back To Normal

“Yes, I’m Back… Where Have I Been?”

Buzz is an essential part of the Toy Story crew, acting as a leader to the others, especially when Woody is not around. So it makes for an interesting dynamic when Buzz’s system is reset in Toy Story 3 and the toys can no longer rely on their friend.

After first being reverted back to his space ranger mode, the toys accidentally turn him Spanish. Finally, Buzz regains his old self and Jessie hugs him and welcomes him back. Buzz accepts the admiration but admits he has no idea where he had supposedly gone.

Tea Time

“You See The Hat! I Am Mrs. Nezbit!”

After discovering that he is actually a toy while trapped inside Sid’s house, Buzz is discovered by Sid’s sister who adds him to her tea part. Dressing him in a nice summer hat, she dubs him Mrs. Nezbit which certainly doesn’t help with Buzz’s identity crisis.

Woody eventually finds Buzz and tries to snap him out of it, but he is spiraling out of control. He finally snaps, pointing out his new hat and telling Woody that he is indeed Mrs. Nezbit now. After seeing Buzz as the controlled hero the whole movie, it is hilarious and surprising to see him break like this.

Feeling Insulted

“You’re Mocking Me, Aren’t You?”

Though it doesn’t take long for Woody to grow jealous and spiteful of his new competition, Buzz doesn’t show any animosity towards the cowboy. However, Woody cannot help but poke at Buzz and try to make him look foolish in front of the other toys.

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When Woody gets annoyed with Buzz’s continued claims of being a space ranger, he sarcastically makes a big deal about how impressed he is. Buzz just calmly lets him go on before dryly remarking, “You’re mocking me, aren’t you?”

Safety First

“My Eyeballs Could’ve Been Sucked From Their Sockets!”

While it was fun to see Buzz’s arc as a character coming to accept the fact that he is a toy, his delusion of thinking he’s a space ranger did provide for some hilarious moments. It was particularly funny to Woody’s reaction in these moments.

After the two toys get into a scuffle, Woody opens Buzz’s helmet. Buzz immediately doubles over gasping for air and clutching at his throat as Woody casually watches. Buzz finally realizes the air is breathable, but that doesn’t stop him from lecturing Woody about the dangers of opening a spaceman’s helmet.

Questioning Sid’s Expertise

“I Don’t Believe That Man Has Ever Been To Medical School.”

There are a number of memorable Pixar villains, but the most terrifying of them all is Sid. This kid next door to Andy’s house gets a sick satisfaction out of mutilating and destroying toys.

Of course, Woody and Buzz eventually find themselves trapped in Sid’s house and watch see the twisted young man at work. Pretending to be a doctor, Woody and Buzz watch as he dismembers it in a disturbing scene. While Woody is disgusted, Buzz simply remarks, “I don’t believe that man has ever been to medical school.”

Taking To The Skies

“This Isn’t Flying, This Is Falling With Style.”

After escaping from Sid’s house, Buzz and Woody make a daring chase to catch up to Andy’s family and their moving van. This also involves lighting a rocket that shoots them up into the air.

Before the rocket blows, Buzz activates his wings allowing him and Woody to glide through the air in an iconic scene. Woody exclaims that Buzz is flying but Buzz just says “This is falling with style,” the same phrase Woody used earlier to dismiss Buzz’s abilities.

Surveying The Area

“And There Seems To Be No Sign Of Intelligent Life Anywhere.”

Buzz is introduced in the first film as the big present that Andy gets at his birthday party. Though Andy is clearly excited, it becomes quite clear pretty quickly that there is something a little off about this spaceman toy.

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As Buzz surveys his new surroundings, he believes he is transmitting a message back to Star Command. From atop Andy’s bed, he examines this strange planet he finds himself on before commenting that there is no intelligent life around just as Woody introduces himself.

Taking Things Literally

“So Your Inner Voice Advises You.”

Woody and Buzz make a great team, but they can even help each other when they are apart. In Toy Story 4, Woody talks about his inner voice directing him. Buzz takes this to mean his voice box is his inner voice.

This makes for a hilarious gag throughout the film as Buzz uses his programmed catchphrases to direct him throughout their adventure. Surprisingly, the voices actually happen to give some very good advice most of the time.

Off To Save The Day

“We Have A Friend In Need, And We Will Not Rest Until He’s Safe In Andy’s Room.”

By Toy Story 2, Buzz has come around to accepting that he is a toy and is a happy and intelligent member of Andy’s room. However, he does still have some of those space ranger tendencies and he does seem to find himself in the hero role quite often.

After Woody is stolen by a toy collector, Buzz organizes a mission to rescue him. He rallies the other toys to help him set out on the dangerous mission and it becomes clear that, despite their initial differences, Woody and Buzz are close companions now.

New Rules

“But We’re Not On My Planet, Are We?”

As great of friends as they become, things started out pretty rough between Woody and Buzz in the first film. Woody saw Buzz as a toy who would replace him as Andy’s favorite and his jealousy quickly grew into resentment.

After accidentally knocking Buzz out of the window, Buzz tracks Woody down and confronts him. He calmly tells him that revenge is not something they believe in on his planet. But then he reminds Woody, they aren’t on his planet and he attacks.

Turning The Tables On Woody

“Woody, You’re Not A Collector’s Item, You’re A Child’s Plaything. You. Are. A. Toy.”

One of the best aspects of the friendship between Woody and Buzz is that they can take turns being the ones who motivate the other to do what needs to be done and telling them what they need to hear.

In Toy Story 2, Woody discovers that he is a beloved collector’s item and decides to start a new life in a toy museum where he can be appreciated forever. It is Buzz that needs to talk some sense into Woody this time around and he uses Woody’s own words he told Buzz in the first film, “You. Are. A. Toy.”

Letting Woody Go

“Bonnie Will Be Okay.”

Toy Story 4 found Woody once again faced with a dilemma of what to do next and, once again, his friend Buzz was there to help him. While struggling with not feeling like his new kid, Bonnie needs him, Woody reconnects with Bo Peep.

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As they get ready to leave with Bonnie, Woody struggles with saying goodbye to Bo once more. Buzz tells his friend “She’ll be okay” then clarifies “Bonnie will be okay.” With that, Buzz says goodbye to his friend and allows him to start his new life with Bo.

Saying Goodbye

“He’s Not Lost. Not Anymore.”

After everything that good friends Woody and Buzz had been through together, it makes for a bittersweet moment when they finally go their separate ways. However, it is clear that while he is sad to see his friend go, Buzz is happy that Woody has found a new purpose.

As the other toys watch as they leave Woody behind, one of them asks if Woody is a lost toy. With pride in his voice, Buzz answers “He’s not lost. Not anymore.” It is a sign of their deep friendship that Buzz just wants Woody to be happy.

Proving His Point


Along with threatening to take Woody’s place as Andy’s favorite toy, Woody is particularly annoyed that Buzz continues to insist that he is a space ranger. He gets especially mad when Buzz announces that he can fly.

The two toys bicker back and forth, Woody saying he can’t fly and Buzz saying that he can. Finally, Buzz decides to demonstrate and amazingly (and with some luck) sort of flies in one of the franchise’s best scenes. He lands back on the bed, looks at Woody, and proclaims “Can!”.

A Brutal Judgement

“You Are A Sad, Strange Little Man, And You Have My Pity.”

Though Woody is enraged by Buzz in the beginning, Buzz seems to be simply bemused by Woody. His optimistic and heroic nature allows him to just brush off whatever insult or frustration Woody is throwing at him.

When Woody and Buzz find themselves lost together, Woody unleashes all of his anger on the spaceman. After the epic rant, Buzz simply looks at Woody and says, “You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.” Never has a burn been so polite.

The Catchphrase

“To Infinity, And Beyond!”

It’s hard to even think of Buzz Lightyear and not think of his most famous saying. “To infinity and beyond” is what Buzz says when he is attempting one of his epic spaceman feats, and it also comes to perfectly summarize the character.

The phrase itself is sort of nonsense and over-the-top, but it is also hopeful and bold. It also becomes a mantra for Woody and Buzz’s friendship which goes through a lot and continues, despite them being apart.