Buying fake followers: BBB brings up discussion again


Lumena and Karol Conká, participants of Big Brother Brasil (BBB) ​​21, have been accused of buying followers on Instagram. This debate, which became popular mainly on Twitter, brought up the discussion about buying followers again.

Although the sisters’ advisors deny any type of action of this type on the social network, the profile of the new followers of the two has attracted attention. In the case of singer Karol Conká, prints of followers with names that look like Russians multiply.

Followers Karol Conká

Many people on the internet noticed that followers of the singer Karol Conká have the Cyrillic alphabet in the user

Lumena already has dozens of new followers with accounts that were created recently, or whose user is simply a disconnected combination of letters and numbers.

The pair had been experiencing dramatic declines in popularity on social media because of the behavior within the confinement of the BBB.

Action considered illegal

In 2019, for the first time a security agency in the world found it illegal to buy followers. The case occurred with the company Devumi, which was exposed in a report by The New York Times, which showed that the company had also sold fake likes and shares on social networks.

A Twitter spokesman even commented that the case was unacceptable and that the social network would take steps to prevent this type of action.

This subject had previously encouraged The Next Web to set up a guide to identify false influencers on the internet. Among the tips given by the page are the evaluation of the engagement rate, the use of Google to measure the power of the influencer’s presence and still evaluate the interactions with people.