Although the boys have not announced dates in Latin America it is better to be prepared, we know that many times the pages become saturated and many do not know how presales or sales portals work. Therefore, we leave you a series of tips to know how to buy tickets for the boys if they get to announce dates in your country.


Official members randomly selected from the BTS fan club, you should have received an email when selected for this method. This will give you preference on the first ticket sale.

Tickemaster Fan verified

Access to the second sale date; however, you have to take into account that this is only in the United States and it is also by selection once you pay for the portal BTS fan package.

In Latin American countries, many times pre-sales and pre-pre-sales are for users of certain banks in your country regardless of whether you are an official club or not and do not need to be a verified Tickemaster fan, just sign up and have a user account. a participating credit or debit card.

Sometimes, users of VIP cards from banks such as Banamex or Santander receive an email with a special code to enter the page; However, it is not safe, usually the presale is only with selected bank cards, Tickemaster or the promoters of each country will notify you in advance.

In the United States, there will be 3 dates of sale, 2 of presale and the general sale of tickets. This may vary in countries once they announce more dates in Latin America. Also take into account that sometimes there is a ticket limit, in the USA it will be 2 for the ARMYZip, Tickemaster 4, in Latam there are usually also four per person.

It is not known if there will be a number of tickets and specific areas for pre-sales of memberships, as they could be limited so that in the general sale all others have the same opportunity to choose good places.

Days before the sale, make a Tickemaster account so that all your data is stored in time and you do not need to fill anything, also register the card you will use for sale, so your whole process will be easier.

You have to be ready from an hour before with your lap, tablet, cell phone and available devices, have a good Internet speed and good luck. Try to check the map days in advance so that you have memorized the area you want and possible options in case you do not reach, you should not waste time. Tickets run out fast, you need patience.

We do not know if this method will be the same, since Tickemaster Mexico and in Latam is very different, the presale is usually by bank cards, you have to enter 10 minutes before the start, do not give f5 and wait for the tickets to load and choose your seats, code or membership is not needed, in Latin America it is different, but in case it is the same method, you will have to pay attention to all the previous steps.


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