Buy a mobile and get it to you in 3 minutes


Reduce the user’s waiting margin. That is the goal, the current obsession of the giants of online sales. It is no longer making you wait a day, but a few hours. Uniform delivery on the same day of purchase, no matter what – food, consoles, furniture – is what Jeff Bezos and others seek to achieve. And it is what has led Samsung to test a new delivery system for them: through drones.

Your new Samsung mobile in 3 minutes

Imagine that you buy the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, and that as usual you are looking forward to releasing it. But you will not have to wait a couple of days, nor even a couple of hours, but minutes: your new Samsung mobile arrives at home 3 minutes after buying it online. Impossible? Not if the delivery is done with a drone.

Samsung Electronics today announced a new partnership with Manna Drone Delivery, an initiative that will make drone delivery available to Irish customers by purchasing the latest range of Galaxy devices online – including the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Buds Pro, the Galaxy Tab S7, the Galaxy Watch3 and Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy A series.

The new service will undoubtedly provide Samsung customers with a minimal waiting experience, from their initial order online through the company’s Irish eStore, to delivery. Manna uses custom developed aerospace quality drones to deliver products directly to customers’ homes.

Their drones fly at an altitude of 50-80 meters and at a speed of more than 60 km / h, allowing delivery to Oranmore homes in even 3 minutes only.


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