Butanvac, the 100% national vaccine against COVID-19


In addition to manufacturing and distributing Coronavac in Brazil, the Butantan Institute is working on a vaccine against covid-19 that is 100% Brazilian. Called Butanvac, the solution has been in development since 2020, and the research agency plans to start testing on humans soon.

The Butantan Institute said it will ask for approval from the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) to carry out clinical tests with its new vaccine. Thus, volunteers will be able to take the immunizer and help in the development of the medication.

The tests that will be placed for approval at Anvisa aim to ensure that the vaccine is safe and can effectively fight the coronavirus. During phases 1 and 2 of development, 1,800 volunteers are expected to take Butanvac.

If the results are promising, the Butantan Institute may start phase 3 of tests, which promises to immunize up to 9,000 volunteers to ensure the effectiveness of the Brazilian vaccine. If the vaccine is approved for emergency use, the São Paulo government plans to produce around 40 million doses of Butanvac by the end of 2021.

According to the government of São Paulo, production of the vaccine should begin in May. In addition to Brazil, the immunizer should also be distributed in Vietnam and Thailand, where phase 1 tests with the immunizer have already started.

Coronavac continues in application

The Butantan Institute stressed that the development of the Brazilian vaccine will not hinder the distribution of Coronavac. The immunizer has already had more than 22 million doses distributed in the country and was the first vaccine against covid-19 to be applied en masse in Brazil.

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Coronavac is made by the Butantan Institute in partnership with China. The Brazilian research agency manufactures the vaccine in Brazil and receives the necessary inputs from the Asian country.

In addition to being developed with Butantan technology, Butanvac must also have 100% national manufacturing, which can speed up the creation and distribution of the immunizer. Currently, the institute also works to nationalize the production of Coronavac, which will be made in a new factory in Brazil from the second semester.

It is worth remembering that Butanvac is not the only vaccine to be developed in Brazil. The Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) is also working on an immunizer that can be manufactured in the country.


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