But Sanhyun turns into a cold and bitter secret weapon in the upcoming drama starring Kang Ha Neul and Ha Ji Won


But Sang Hyun will play a mysterious secret weapon in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama!

“Curtain Call: Trees Die on Their Feet” (literal title) is about an elderly woman from North Korea who does not have long to live, and a theater actor who acts as her grandson to fulfill her last wish. Kang Ha-neul will play Yoo Jae-hong, an unknown theater actor who attempts to change his life, and Ha Ji-won will play the heiress Park Se-yeon, who runs a hotel owned by her family.

But Sang Hyun will portray a dramatic transformation in the role of the mysterious Ri Moon Son. In the drama, Ri Moon Son will encounter many characters and create many interesting scenarios.

The newly released footage of No Sang Hyun captures Ri Moon Son’s majestic charisma, which is perfect for his role as the secret weapon guiding the course of the drama. Even while eating, Ri Moon Son does not relax his vigilance and carefully monitors his surroundings. When a small child approaches him, Ri Moon Son remains cold and bitter. In a gloomy atmosphere, the character demonstrates extravagant and attractive patterns on clothes that playfully contrast with his sharp eyes and powerful aura.

But Sang Hyun made a strong impression on the audience with his latest role of Isak in “Patinko” and is currently becoming an actor in the spotlight with fresh charm and a “mask” that simultaneously embodies good and evil.

A representative of the production company Victory Contents shared: “Ri Moon Son appears as one of the key players responsible for important aspects of the drama. It will be a lot of fun to see what connections Ri Moon Son has with different characters and what situations happen because of him. Thanks to No Sang Hyun’s unique charisma, Ri Moon Son’s character was shown well. He will play a big role as a secret weapon that gives viewers all sorts of tensions and twists, so please wait for that.”

The premiere of the film “Curtain Call: Trees die standing on their feet” will take place next month after the completion of the “Legal Cafe”.


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