The business processes of Brisa, which moved to Teams, have increased by 80 percent.


Many companies have moved their businesses home recently. In this case, digital tools have become much more important. Brisa has moved its business processes to Microsoft Teams and announced the improvement it has experienced in some of its operations. Together with Microsoft Teams, Brisa can inform its employees about the company business developments in a healthier way.

Brisa powered by Microsoft Team
Thanks to Teams, which offers many facilities to companies from working from home to organizing live events that can connect 10,000 people, Brisa employees and dealers can attend meetings from where they are located and can be informed about internal developments through live broadcasts. In this way, Brisa improved 80% in some of its operations.

Thanks to Teams, Brisa employees and dealers in another area can attend meetings from where they are located, and can be informed about internal developments with live broadcasts. The file sharing speed, the ability to hold meetings and the quality of communication between the users and stakeholders are greatly improved; It prevents the loss of cost and time to be created by the meeting.

Brisa employees also received training from Microsoft about Teams. Employees learned how to use Teams in their fields and developed solutions specific to their business processes and integrated the solutions they use into Teams. He joined the “Robi” Teams, a Artificial Intelligence Partner, developed by Brisa with Chatbot technology. Thus, many operations such as financial status of the dealers, sales data, sharing daily meal menu and password reset were started easily by including third party applications without the need for a new and different platform.

Making a statement on the subject, Brisa CIO Tekin Gülşen said:

“In our Digital Transformation process, it was one of our top priorities to implement the practices that will facilitate the operations of our employees in their daily work flows and their communication with their internal and external stakeholders. With Microsoft’s solution partnership, we have included the Office365 platform and Teams application in our business processes and expanded in a short time. With the uninterrupted service provided by Teams, we can reach each other every hour of the day, and we can ensure the continuity of our business with high quality meetings. In addition, by making Chatbot feature to Teams, we have made some of our processes much easier and more automated. I congratulate once again the Microsoft team and the Brisa Information Technologies team that have worked hard behind this success story. ”

Microsoft Teams gets stronger with new features
Microsoft Teams has become stronger with new features. At the beginning, Skype integration can be counted. Real-time noise cut feature minimizes distracting background noise such as keyboard keys or sounds coming from outside, making it easy to hear what is said. It has become very easy to speak in large-scale video meetings. Teams now perceives hand raising movements in the video and employees who want to speak can express themselves more easily. With Teams Reservations, another new feature, it is easier to schedule doctor appointments and to arrange appointments. Teams also allows you to chat in a separate window so that ongoing conversations can be more productive. Thanks to offline and low bandwidth support, Teams allows chat messages to be read and answered even without an internet connection.


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