Business oriented MSI Summıt series announced!


At its first virtual summit titled “Committed to Success” held today, MSI announced that it has entered the business market with a new family of high performance products. The new business and productivity series targets corporate and individual customers. The Summit series supports user productivity with its newly announced 11th generation Intel processor and aims to adapt to the rising trend of remote work due to COVID-19.

Corporate identity was renewed with the business oriented MSI Summit

“2020 started with many challenges, but it also brought new opportunities,” said Derek Chen, MSI Notebook Global Sales & Marketing Director, who hosted the summit. Today, we are proud to introduce our first high performance, business and productivity focused laptops that will adapt to our needs in our changing business environments ”.

Chen announced that MSI has expanded this product range with 3 new series of Summit, Prestige and Modern product families. MSI’s new business and productivity product family addresses the needs of different types of users and lines of business.

Portability and performance have been increased with the 11th generation Intel processor and Intel iRIS Xe, the most powerful integrated graphics solution Intel has produced to date. Both hardware met with the Summit series. Thanks to TPM 2.0, security of both individual and business data was ensured by providing security at the corporate level.

The Summit series has two different models. The Summit B series does not let the user down during the working day with over 10 hours of battery life. The Summit E series differentiates itself from the others mostly on the graphics side.


Prestige, Modern, Prestige 14 Evo, and Summit E13 Flip

Prestige and Modern series laptops also appeared at the event. These products have been renewed with the new MSI logo and different color options. Prestige and Modern series laptops, with their high performance slim design, offer business-oriented daily use with functionality and comprehensive features.

Prestige 14 Evo, one of the new products introduced, is among the first laptops with Intel’s 11th generation processor and Intel Evo platform. This makes the Prestige 14 much smarter than standard computers.

The surprise at the end of the event was the upcoming MSI Summit E13 Flip. This laptop, which is as comfortable as a tablet with its 360 degree foldable screen, supports many ways of use.

MSI’s “Business and Productivity” laptops are expected to be available in popular tech stores and online stores from October 2020.


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