Burnout Syndrome: Are Young Millennials The Most Affected?


Burnout affects 30% of Brazilian workers, according to data provided by the International Stress Management Association in Brazil (ISMA-BR). This problem is increasingly frequent in the world population, reaching even the younger public.

Therefore, it is not for nothing that the World Health Organization (WHO) determined that burnout syndrome will be part of the 11th International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-11), which will come into force from January 2022.

What is burnout syndrome?

Burnout syndrome, also called “working burnout syndrome”, is a psychological disorder that causes a feeling of extreme fatigue in the individual, that is, the person feels that they do not have physical and/or mental energy to perform their activities. work.

According to the WHO, the problem is not considered a medical condition, but it is a factor that contributes for people to seek health services, since there is a loss in the performance of labor functions.

In addition, the organization claims that the inclusion of burnout in the ICD-11 refers only to circumstances involving professional situations, not being used to describe other areas of life.

What are the signs that a person may be suffering from this syndrome?