Burning Porsche Taycan Post-Fire Images (Video)


Porsche introduced its first electric vehicle, Taycan, in recent months. One of the Taycan, whose distribution began in December, set fire in the garage where it is located. It is not yet clear why Porsche Taycan is on fire.

Porsche introduced its first electric vehicle, Taycan, in recent months. Porsche Taycan’s started to be delivered to their owners in the USA in December. A shared video about the vehicle, which reached its new owners, made Taycan owners uneasy.

A Porsche Taycan in South Florida lit up in the garage where it was located. The fire that started in the vehicle caused a great damage to the house where the garage was included. The fire in the vehicle caused almost all of the vehicle to be destroyed.

Fire footage of Porsche Taycan, which was lit in the garage, was shared with a video on Twitter. However, the video was later removed for an unknown reason. Following the removed video, another video that now shows the vehicle after the fire has been published on YouTube.

The video shot after the fire shows that almost nothing remains from Porsche Taycan after the fire. It is hard to say that the remaining rubble looks like it belongs to a Porsche Taycan.

Porsche was reached by Electrek about the fire that occurred in Taycan. Porsche said it was too early to say anything about the cause of the fire, in a statement.

It is too early to make a statement about the fire that occurred in Porsche Taycan. But people around the house where the accident occurred are saying that they heard an explosion sound before the fire. For this reason, it is likely that the batteries will cause a fire.

There are very few Porsche Taycans currently in use. Only one of the sold Thai was burned. This does not mean that there will be such a problem in all Porsche Taycan. The real cause of the fire will be revealed after the investigation by Porsche and the authorities.

Video showing the image of Porsche Taycan after the fire:


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