BurgerSwap storm in Binance’s chain


DeFi storm continues with BurgerSwap. The protocol, which started operating on Binance Smart Chain, reached a liquidity of $ 400 million in a short time.

When I say Uniswap, SushiSwap, SashimiSwap, the DeFi craze continues without slowing down. A few days ago, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it has allocated $ 100 million to attract developers and projects to Binance’s own blockchain, Binance Smart Chain. Following this, one of the DeFi projects that appeared on Binance Smart Chain was Burger Swap.

Burger Swap, which attracted great attention in a short time, took place at the top in terms of the number of transactions on the chain. BSC Scan data shows that more than 61 thousand transactions have been made in the last 24 hours with Burger Swap. The number of transactions in Wrapped BNB, which is the closest to it, remained at 25 thousand 700.

The protocol, which was claimed to be a better version of Uniswap that has its deficiencies, reached a liquidity of approximately 400 million dollars with the staking of 12 million BNB in ​​just one day. At BurgerSwap, since the protocol is on Binance Smart Chain, all tokens use BNB pairs instead of ETH pairs, and 10 percent of the transaction fees set at 0.3 percent go to the team.

Under the basis of BurgerSwap, Turkish Blockchain experts Dr. Mehmet Sabir Kiraz and Dr. The ERC-2917, which is the signature of Süleyman Kardaş, is developed as a new standard in staking rewards calculation.

It also helped the price of BNB

The BurgerSwap effect is also seen in Binance’s cryptocurrency Binance Coin. BNB has gained close to 20 percent since yesterday. BNB, which exceeds $ 32 during the day, changes hands for $ 31 during the minutes when the news is published. These levels in crypto currency have not been seen since August of last year.

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