Burger King will give 1000 PS5 console in the United States


Both firms reach an agreement to distribute a thousand PlayStation 5 consoles throughout the country by purchasing a $ 5 restaurant menu.

Sony Interactive Entertainment and fast food restaurant chain Burger King have signed an agreement to promote PS5 across the United States. Both companies thus initiate a promotion that has as a great incentive the distribution through a raffle of a total of 1,000 units of the console from this October 15 until next November 22. To participate, just ask for a $ 5 menu and register on their website.

This temporary alliance, which tries to feed back the power of both brands, requires the prior registration of those interested in the BK App or through BK.com, where the participation data must be given after payment of said 5 dollar menu. Once registered in the Burger King database, North American residents will receive a token, that is, a share.

Among all the products that are raffled out, above all, that set of 1,000 PlayStation 5 with disc player; Although they will also give away 2,000 codes for Sackboy: A Big Adventure, 2,000 codes for Demon’s Souls for PS5 or 1,000 codes to have access to the PS PS Now on-demand games service for three months.

The promotion, according to the Questions and Answers section of the official website in its Official Rules section, indicates that it is open to residents of 48 of the United States (all except Hawaii and Alaska). It is not known if a similar promotion can take place in Europe, since the Burger King chain also operates in the old continent through different franchises.

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