Burger King: why is it changing the fast food logo?


The fast-food giant Burger King is changing its logo! We are giving you more details on this important change.

Why has Burger King decided to change its famous logo?

In 2021, the American fast-food giant decided to have a makeover. Indeed, Burger King has totally changed its look for this new year!

Logo, packaging, colors… everything has changed! Eh yes.

This is the first time in more than 20 years that the fast food giant has changed everything! Indeed, the last time the brand changed its logo was in 1999. But why did Burger King choose to change everything?

The American company says it was just time to change its look. This would reflect all the progress of the brand during its last years!

Indeed the firm wanted to highlight the changes made recently. And what could be better than a new look to mark this change? We will not say the opposite!


Burger King therefore wanted to show that he had made enormous progress. Thus, her look would be more like her.

You should know that the fast-food giant has made great efforts on the quality of its products. Indeed, the brand has removed from its recipes all superfluous ingredients of unnatural origin.

Thus, its new look would be like a new Burger King that is more authentic! But will its new logo help it attract more customers? Not so sure.

Indeed, Burger King still has to face two major competitors. We think of McDonald’s and Wendy’s in the United States.

But above all, it shows that there has been a real change within the company. In fact, the outfits of the fast-food employees have also been revisited!

The brand has also changed its packaging. Indeed, with the arrival of a new logo, everything has to be redone! Without much surprise.


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