Burger King unveils its new and delicious “ugly” burgers!


Burger King gives it a layer with new burgers that will make more than one salivate. This, even if they are at first glance very “ugly”.

The beauty of a burger is not everything, in short … And that, Burger King understood it well with its new recipe. Thus, the restaurant chain offers ugly burgers!

So a burger, is it necessarily pretty pretty? Not so sure… Indeed, Burger King has concocted a new sandwich recipe.

We can say that this one is not very aesthetic, well, to the tastes of some. In any case, McDonald’s rival seems to want to play on it.

For some time now, the giant has been developing “ugly” looking burgers, as its name suggests. This is its “ugly” range.

This one does not flirt on aesthetics or Instagram-friendly, far from it! Burger King rather wants you to adhere to sandwiches not very sexy, even clearly ugly!

Still, they don’t look less tasty! This will make your mouth water, so much is it dripping everywhere.


Released in Japan, Burger King’s “Ugly Burgers” are already having some success. Ugly like jaja, they come in three versions.

The first, the Cheese Ugly Beef Burger, dripping with cheese. Then, the second, the Chili Ugly Beef Burger, very spicy!

Finally, the star of the moment at Burger King Japan, the Chicken Ugly Burger. With au gratin bread, and a breaded chicken, it has serious attributes!

Ugly or not, these wonderful sandwiches sell for almost 680 yen each. Or, a little less than 6 euros. Count 920 yen (around 9 euros) for the menu.

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These wonders have already come off the oven shelves in Japan. It remains to be seen if we too will have the right to ugly burgers, but delicious!


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