Burger King surpasses McDonald’s with its packaging!

Burger King and McDonald’s recently unveiled their new visual identity. And at this little game, Burger King wins!

The war between Burger King and McDonald’s is being played out on all fronts! On the marketing side, the two fast food giants unveiled their new visual identities almost simultaneously. And one of them won over the crowds more than the other …

In January, Burger King surprised fans around the world by revealing its change of look. Indeed, the brand has decided to change all of its packaging as well as its logo.

The famous franchise has thus opted for a 100% vintage style! The new Burger King logo is also inspired by the one used by the chain in 1969. A way to pay tribute to the heritage of the brand!

A few weeks later, it was its great rival McDonald’s who in turn decided to reshape its graphic identity. But no turning back for McDonald’s!

Indeed, the brand has chosen a new, more modern and colorful design. Or the opposite of Burger King!

Despite their differences, these changes in style have each in their own right won over customers and fans of both brands around the world.

But which of the two has made the most impression on the public? This is what the American research firms Ad Age and Harris wanted to know!

These two organizations, which together conduct exclusive surveys on major business trends, therefore conducted the survey. To do this, they interviewed 1,059 American adults aged 18. It makes a lot of people!

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As a result, Burger King wins against McDonald’s! But the fight was close, very close.

Burger King beats McDonald’s with its brand new packaging!


According to the Ad Age and Harris poll, 54% of people voted for Burger King’s new packaging compared to 46% for McDonald’s. Suffice to say that the result turned out to be very little!

Still, it was a nice win for Burger King. In recent years, the company has often been noted for its style of communication. An offbeat style very popular with fans and the general public!

During the poll, voters were also asked what they thought of these visuals! So, many of them explained that Burger King’s new look was very appealing.

Others have even explained that the brand’s vintage logo made them nostalgic for their childhoods. So successful bet!

On the McDonald’s side, voters declared that these new packaging brought a real boost to the brand. Mission accomplished too!

Either way, these corporate identity changes are real success stories for both chains. Indeed, 40% of people assured that these new looks made them want to eat more often in the two fast food restaurants!



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