Burger King opens 40 job postings for professionals


The BK Brasil snack bar chain, responsible for Burger King’s operations, opened a new round of vacancies to work in Brazil with a focus on technology. The purpose of the contracts is to intensify the company’s “digital acceleration process”, which also controls the Popeye’s chain.

The open opportunities are multidisciplinary and aimed at professionals from different areas of training. In addition, they are valid for any place in Brazil and are remote, that is, in the home office regime.

Among some examples, vacancies include the following positions:

Product Owner;
Scrum Master;
Data Engineer;
BI (Business Intelligence) Analyst;
Solutions Architect;
Data Scientist;
Infra DevOps Analyst.
If you are interested in one of the vacancies, you can directly contact the company and send the resume to a chatbot that serves under the number of WhatsApp (11) 94317-6360.

In addition, the company page on LinkedIn should also soon include additional information about vacancies. Offers are not necessarily filled urgently.

The Burger King move that unites the marketing and technology areas was announced in October 2020 and includes the development and improvement of services such as a service totem and an application for orders with personalized promotions.