Burger King markets the biggest burger in its history!


In South Korea, Burger King has just launched a new product. This is the biggest burger in franchise history

Burger King has been around for many years now. However, fast food was only able to take hold in France a very short time ago. By taking the opportunity, in passing, to buy many brands, if not all, Quick. Since then, the firm has continued to thrive, offering new things almost every month. In fact, a few days ago, it was the biggest burger in her history that she presented to her fans.

But before we tell you about the burger in question, maybe we should review the success of the restaurant chain. Indeed, how does it manage to attract so many customers, when it only arrived in France 4 years ago?

Quite simply thanks to its communication. Because yes, Burger King is arguably the best among all its rivals in this area. Full of humor, imaginative, choosing the right words to reach its audience, the brand seems to have found the perfect formula to please in a very short time.

What makes its most is also the cooking of its meat. Indeed, unlike other fast food restaurants, the steak is grilled at home. Well that makes all the difference. Allowing us, for example, to have a slight smoky taste in the mouth when we devour our “precious”.

On top of that, Burger King has their heart set on helping the competition. During the difficult period that we are experiencing because of the Covid-19, the firm has made a very nice gesture. Publishing a press release to urge its customers to also order from their competitors. So classy!


So you will understand, the brand already has everything to please. But if on top of that she offers burgers we’ve never experienced before, she could still score points. Well, that’s exactly what just happened.

Indeed, as Tekpolis notes, a Burger King restaurant located in Korea has just launched the Stacker Whopper. A burger that can hold up to 5 steaks! Some people are probably wondering how to eat the famous pieces when reading these lines… We understand you, we were asking ourselves the same question.

On the other hand, for the French wanting to taste it, it will be necessary to be patient. Because no burger of this type has yet its place in the country. Nor in any other country in the world elsewhere. South Korea is the only place where we can taste Stacker Whopper.

But there is no doubt that Burger King will launch its new “baby” around the world. If this one were to charm the Koreans at first. If so, you can start hoping to see it arrive here in a few months.


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