Burger King launches its biggest burger with 5 steaks!


Burger King has just unveiled the burger for the bulk of its history! Indeed, it is the classic Whopper, but with 5 steaks instead of one!

Good news for Burger King fans, the fast food chain offers to order a Whopper with up to 5 steaks… A real record and above all a first!

As part of a program called the “Real Whopper Challenge”, the South Korean division of Burger King has just launched three new variations of the famous burger!

Indeed, the Whopper, the star burger of the fast food chain, is now available in 4 other variations! Indeed, it is now possible to add 2,3,4 or even 5 steaks for the most greedy!

Sandwiches called Stacker 2 Whopper, Stacker 3 Whopper, Stacker 4 Whopper and Stacker 5 Whopper respectively! Thus, the Stacker 5 Whopper is now the largest burger that Burger King makes available to its consumers!


With the health crisis, the restaurant world is literally in free fall! Thus, the Burger King chain has been running a campaign for several months to help a few restaurants!

“It’s not just the Whopper in life. There is also the tacos from Bocamexa. Loumi’s salads, Popote blanquettes, Fufu oars. Pasta from La Pasta Tinto. (…). In short, there are also restaurateurs who deserve to be as famous as the Whopper. “So wrote the channel on Instagram!

Thus, every day, Burger King highlights several restaurants by posting their menus, their addresses and their promotions. To participate, restaurateurs simply have to share a photo of their signature dish with the #WhopperAndFriends and BURGER KING® will share everything!

An incredible campaign which should inspire other fast food chains like Mc Donald’s or KFC … It remains to be seen that they will provide the same effort!


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