Burger King launches a new burger at a low price!


It only took a few tweets from Burger King to get people going. We still have to understand them!Because yes, Burger King’s messages are simply incomprehensible. Indeed they are written in a font which replaces the letters by symbols! Okay .. so to say that we do not speak the same language!

But the message was deciphered fairly quickly. And we finally know what the restaurant owner is preparing for us!

This is indeed the return of an operation that he has already tested before and which was a real success! Burger King is relaunching the Mystery Burger! We tell you everything.


From September 1, therefore, all Burger Kings in France will offer their customers the Burger Mystère. Thus, all consumers can buy a burger for only 2 euros!

Yes yes, you read that right. The burger will cost only 2 euros.

Thus, consumers will have to draw lots for the mystery burger. Burger King specifies that one of their 10 burgers is behind the mystery burger.

Thus, you may come across a Whopper or a Double Whopper Cheese. A Big King or an XXL Double Cheese Bacon.

There will also be a Bacon Lover Simple, a Steakhouse or a Big Fish. In short, you will have to be very lucky to find the burger you prefer at a very low price.

Because usually these burgers cost between 2.89 and 4.99 euros! Burger King plays the surprise all the way.

In fact, you receive your closed cardboard box and it is only when you open it that you discover the burger you won.

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Warning ! To participate, you must go through the app to buy the “mystery” burgers and desserts. Offer is not available in physics at restaurants.


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