Burger King invites you to eat ice cream in the winter!


The official Twitter account of the Burger King fast food chain wanted to challenge its fans to eat ice cream in the middle of winter

Is there a time to eat ice cream? Is it better to eat it in summer or in winter? For Burger King, no period exists. We can eat it any time of the year and enjoy it just as much. The official Twitter account of the fast food chain has just let its fans know.

Despite everything, it is true that in summer, eating ice cream is more enjoyable than in winter. Since it is hot, and we want to cool off, eating frozen candy allows us to cool our bodies.

But there are still a few people who are resistant to the cold. Eh preferring to savor this stuff in the cooler time of the year. Burger King knows this and it is also for this reason that the firm challenged its customers on this point:

“The real conquerors are those who order our ice cream in the middle of winter. So swung the CM of the restaurant chain. Probably unaware of the many reactions he would elicit under the tweet.

Largely dividing Burger King fans.


Because yes, like all things, there are two camps for this subject. Those who appreciate ice cream in the middle of winter, and those who hate it. Well, it didn’t take long to see both sides show up on the social network.

Some disliking the sweets at Burger King at this time of year, saying, “Without me…. already in the summer I don’t take it. Well you know what? So I am not a conqueror then… ”

And others who totally agree with their favorite fast food: “There’s no bad time for ice cream. But this is the best time to enjoy an ice cream. It remains cold and intact. In summer it melts, it’s boring. You know the king fusion nutella supplement nutella ”.

Hey you, are you like these latest Burger King customers? Ready to eat ice cream in the middle of winter? Or do you prefer to wait until summer?


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