Burger King changes its logo and is not unanimous!


Following its change of logo, the fast-food chain Burger King has aroused many reactions on the Web, dividing Internet users

If you go to a Burger King, you might wonder if you are in the right place. Indeed, the famous fast-food chain has just changed its logo for a new look. Although the new logo in question retains the main features of the brand, it is still very different from the old one known to all.

It is therefore a rather risky bet that the restaurants have taken. Perhaps a bit confident thanks to their communication far superior to its rivals, the fast food restaurant could well have made a bad choice.

Indeed, as noted by our colleagues from GQ, many Internet users were reacting to this change of logo. Well, the least we can say is that Burger King didn’t really convince.

Like the old logo you will tell us. You wouldn’t be wrong. But as you will see below, the colors are still very different.


Exit blue and yellow and make way for red and orange. Undoubtedly to stay in a range of colors reminiscent of those of a burger, the restaurant chain wanted to return to its old codes. She probably wanted to convince her most loyal fans.

It seems flawed when you see the reaction from Burger King fans. Some saying: “Old is the new new. Yeah. Okay. Ok the retro is in fashion, the 80’s are the new cool, Stranger Things all that … But going back to a logo from 50 years ago, I find it very retrograde “.

But others validate the choice: “I love this new logo. A homecoming that feels good! ”

So you will understand, once again, Burger King divides but has succeeded: to make people talk about him until his main rivals are forgotten. Hopefully their burgers will still be as good as they did in the old logo days.


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