Burger King Asks McDonalds to Order


Burger King made an interesting call on Twitter. Saying that Whooper is better than the Big Mac, the company still requested an order from McDonald’s. The reason why the fast food giant made such a statement was the quarantine to be applied in England.

Europe, which has become the center of the coronavirus pandemic worldwide, is currently going through a very difficult process. As countries make quarantine decisions one after another, these decisions deeply shake the economies. On Thursday, the UK government will make a decision and implement a large-scale quarantine across the country.

It is unknown how the quarantine process will affect the UK, but a very striking statement came from the US-based fast food chain Burger King. With the statements made on its official Twitter account, the company requested an order from McDonald’s, its biggest competitor. Burger King officials state that they did not even guess that they would want such a thing one day.

In the statements made by Burger King, company fans were asked to order from sister organizations or independent businesses. The company said the Big Mac wasn’t such a bad thing. The officials said that many businesses, especially McDonalds, need support now, and that orders are needed for this. However, the company did not hesitate to say that the Whopper is still better than the Big Mac during these statements.

As a matter of fact, Burger King’s statement is a lesson learned from the events of previous periods. Because the previous quarantine process in England had deeply shaken restaurants and fast food businesses. Although the British government agreed to pay 80 percent of the employees’ wages, the fact that people were staying at home resulted in thousands of jobs being lost.

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