Burden or Blessing: Results of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Bola poll in


The interview of Manchester United and Portugal legend Cristiano Ronaldo with Piers Morgan shocked the football world. The dreamy return of the beloved son of the “red devils” may end in heartbreaking shame of the legacy of the legend of United.

Ronaldo did not hide his heart in an emotional interview. He gave a crushing assessment of his appeal at Old Trafford.

The United legend also revealed the Glazers and the top management, detailing the behind-the-scenes problems. Starting with the fact that the club facilities did not develop after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, ending with disrespect for the current manager Eric ten Hag and parting with former teammates, the number 7 does not tolerate blows.

The sensational interview “90 minutes with Ronaldo” will be aired on Wednesday, November 16, and on Thursday, November 17, at 20:00.

The interview divided opinions, and the football world disagrees.

One camp believes that there has been betrayal and blatant disrespect for one of the greatest football talents. Another camp believes that they are witnessing the fall of a star who does not want his time in the spotlight to decrease.

Keeping a finger on the pulse of football, the Portuguese edition of A Bola asked its readers — Portuguese who worshipped Ronaldo as a God — to vote in two polls. Each survey was associated with a dramatic interview.

In one A Bola poll, readers were asked if United had betrayed Ronaldo, while in another they wondered if this drama would affect the game of the Portuguese national football team.

Is Ronaldo justified?

The results of the survey “Does Cristiano Ronaldo have any reason to feel betrayed by Manchester United?” we:
– Yes 55%
– No 45%

The universe of A Bola voted for sympathy for the Portuguese striker of United. Those who supported Ronaldo felt grateful that he had the courage to reveal what was going on behind the scenes of Manchester United. They also believed that the offended Ronaldo probably reacted to unfulfilled promises or lack of clear communication.

Ronaldo in the Portuguese national football team

The result of the survey “Will the situation with Cristiano Ronaldo negatively affect the national team?” was:
– Yes 55.5%
– No 44.5%

The results show that many believe that the talented Portuguese national team may leave prematurely because of the Ronaldo-United saga. There will be nowhere to hide if Ronaldo’s off-field antics reduce the effectiveness of the Portuguese Selecao. Most likely, this will also be his last World Cup.

The only fact is that this will be a turning point in Cristiano Ronaldo’s legacy and his relationship with Manchester United.

Football’s eyes will be glued to the TV in anticipation of a full interview. Despite this, 32 teams are seriously preparing to take home the most outstanding football trophy.

The World Cup will begin on November 20, 2022.


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