Bungie Will Share What’s New About Destiny 2 On August 24


Bungie will share what’s new about Destiny 2 on August 24. The event image shared by Bungie also gives some clues. Next to the slogan “Survive The Truth” is a symbol associated with Savathun. Savathun is also known as the “queen of lies” and “liar sister”. It is not difficult to guess that this is also connected with the slogan “Keep the Truth Alive”.

Bungie has been showing signs of more focus on Savathun for a while. In season 14, Vex doomed the Last City to darkness. It is thought that Savathun is behind this. For this reason, it seems highly likely that Savathun is the main villain in The Witch Queen.

Bungie postponed the release of The Witch Queen add-on, which Destiny 2 players have been eagerly awaiting, to 2022 due to COVID-19 delays. The company, which has been planning to shift the release of expansion packs to the first half of the year for a long time, took the opportunity, and stated that the decision was taken to protect the health of its employees.

Destiny 2 fans will soon learn more about the game’s future. Bungie will hold a special event for Destiny 2 on August 24. At this event, details about the game’s new add-on, The Witch Queen, are expected to be shared.