Bungie Will Revive Marathon As a Survival Shooter


Something to look forward to: Before Halo and Destiny, the first-person shooter series that Bungie was known for was called Marathon. Recent reports indicate that the company is planning to reboot its 1990s classics, albeit in a format very different from the original trilogy and perhaps more suited to modern FPS tastes.

Sources told Insider Gaming this week that Bungie Software is planning to release the first new entry in its classic Marathon series in more than 25 years. Reports describe the new game as an “extraction” shooter, not unlike Escape from Tarkov from Battlestate or Hunt: Showdown from Crytek.

For those who don’t know, Bungie released a trilogy of first-person shooters for the Macintosh in the 90s called Marathon. Some considered the first entry of 1994 to be Mac’s answer to Doom, which popularized first-person shooters a year earlier. The original Marathon was also the first shooter to feature an up and down look with the mouse, which soon became standard in later influential games such as Quake. Some elements of Bungie’s most famous series, Halo, originated in Marathon.

All three original Marathon games have been available for free for Windows, macOS, iOS and Linux for over a decade.

Unlike its predecessors, the new Marathon game will not be a traditional campaign-based shooter, if the rumors are confirmed. Instead, Bungie is planning what some have started calling an “extraction” shooter.

After selecting missions and equipment in the game, players will search for items, complete tasks and try to escape safely. Like Hunt and Tarkov, players lose all loot collected if they die before escaping. Extraction-based shooters typically involve player versus player versus enemy (PvPvE) gameplay, in which players must fight both humans and AI.

While Bungie is reaching back to the past, she’s doing it to do something similar to her latest work – the online-centric Destiny. Bungie allegedly wants the new marathon to be the “perfect” live title with awards and progress over several seasons.


Rumor has it that Bungie has been cooking for a while. Rumors about the development of Destiny 3 appeared four years ago. In the earnings report for the third quarter of 2021, Bungie’s new owner, Sony, confirmed its intentions to use Bungie to launch 10 games with live services until March 2026. One of them may be a Bungie project codenamed Matter and a new name Marathon.

Recently, Sony has released many successful story-oriented games, such as God of War, The Last of Us and Horizon, but few games with a live service compared to Microsoft (Forza, Halo, Sea of Thieves) or Ubisoft (Rainbow Six, The Separation). Sony’s new initiative aims to use Bungie’s expertise to diversify its portfolio.


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