Bungie Issues Warning about Destiny 2 Boss’ Extremely Loud Roar


Destiny 2 has a lot of intense boss meetings. Although in one particular boss fight, players may want to turn off their headphones when they are on the verge of death, thanks to this battle cry that will probably make Destiny 2 players jump up from their seats in fear.

The Fall of Kings is a popular Destiny raid that is now back, but not without caveats that players should be aware of. Despite the fact that Bungie stated that it had corrected the raid, it is safe to say that the game studio did not take into account one new addition. The Kings Fall raid in Destiny 2 is home to a boss known as Golgorath, who is now infamous for a glitch that scares players by producing intense and loud roars when they die.

What makes this glitch even more interesting is that only one player in the group is facing it, which makes for some hysterical clips on Destiny 2 live. In fact, after death, the streamer will hear the roar of Golgotha, which sounds like it can fry sound systems, and during this traumatic event, other players will not notice it. This incident led to the creation of a series of videos from different Destiny 2 players showing their encounter with the glitch and its impact on the gaming community. Comparing Destiny 2 Kings Fall with its predecessor, some fans preferred the original raid, although such mistakes seem temporary.

Bungie found out about this failure and advises players to turn off their sound systems during a meeting with the boss until the company finds a solution. Until the solution is implemented, players will have to abide by Bungie’s warning or suffer the consequences of the intense roar of Golgotha, which is more like an explosion than anything else. Fortunately, the bug doesn’t break the game, so the community can still play and pass the popular raid. If players cope with the mistake, The Kings Raid players will receive many rewards, including a chest with rare weapons and a chance to purchase a real silver ring with the image of the Possessed King and an engraving if they win the raid before September 6, 2022. Fortunately, players seem to enjoy this high-risk, high-reward glitch more than they get upset about it.

Players should be on their guard because this glitch is affecting their eardrums until Bungie finds a suitable solution. However, the “First Raid” expansion is worth investing in the gear it will unlock, and the Destiny 2 Easter egg from the “Royal Raid” has now become relevant thanks to this expansion.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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