Bungie expands: Working on new IPs for Destiny


The study prepares a year 2021 where they will change offices and start working on a new intellectual property without leaving Destiny aside.

Bungie Studios is reinforced. The North American study, independent since last 2019, has announced through an official statement its plan to expand at all levels during this year 2021; from a change of offices to a larger location to a greater human capital in their workforce. All this focused on being able to dedicate efforts to a new intellectual property and Destiny 2, which will continue to be progressively expanded from now on.

“Bungie is preparing to continue growing in 2021 thanks to the expansion of its offices, a strategic investment in human talent and the incorporation of new members of the board of directors,” they comment in the note. Its headquarters based in Bellevue, in Washington (USA), grows to exceed 19,000 square meters with the aim of being able to complete its “technical modernization” and open an international office in 2022; specifically, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The office expansion will allow Bungie to host more than one project simultaneously and without relinquishing its status as an independent studio. “This office represents the development of Bungie’s international business model and will house the Advertising and Marketing departments, which are in full expansion,” they say.

New additions to the board of directors

New additions and executive talents arrive in its strategic investment department, so that they will be able to manage the arrival of future video games and the expansion of Destiny to “new platforms”, although it is not clear if their intention is to take the title to other video game systems .

In addition, Bungie adds Trace Harris and Pamela Kaufman to the board of directors. “We feel very fortunate that this year our success as an independent studio allows us to invest in such talented people and at our headquarters. We are also pleased to welcome Trace Harris and Pamela Kaufman to our board of directors, ”explained Pete Parsons, First Member of the Bungie Executive.

We will soon learn more details about this new intellectual property and the Destiny universe, whose scale has allowed Destiny 2 to establish itself as one of the multiplayer titles with the largest online community.


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