Bungie and Ubisoft Team to Sue Cheat Sellers


Bungie and Ubisoft: Every producer that has a multiplayer game has to deal with cheaters and cheaters. Among the numerous hacks and aimbot creators, Ubisoft and Bungie decided to join forces to face a common enemy, the Ring-1 website.

Ring-1 openly sells cheat tools for several games, including Rainbow 6 Siege and Destiny 2. To make their case more weighty in court, the respective makers of those games decided to jointly sue the platform, claiming that the cheats Ring-1 sells “hinder and destroy not only the gaming experience, but the plaintiff’s overall business as well as his reputation among their respective gaming communities.”

The document cites as main prosecuted three people by their code names: Overpowered, Krypto and Berserker. Both Ubisoft and Bungie want to be compensated for their damages, but do not cite intended values.

The process has as its main objective to stop the sale of cheats for Ring-1 for these games, but the producers took the opportunity to attach one more complaint against the use of art from their games on the page. To add insult to injury, the cheat site even unauthorized use of Rainbow 6 Siege and Destiny 2 logos and patented images to sell its tools.

The process is only against the cheats sellers, not against those who use them. But of course players who cheat are always liable to permanent bans when caught.


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