BULLY! — Twitter Refutes Prince William’s Statement About a Physical Fight in 2019


Buckingham Palace is still the graveyard of the most intimate secrets of the royal family. However, Prince Harry dug deeper to make sure that every story reaches the whole world. A few weeks after the release of the documentary series, Prince Harry gave several interviews to promote his autobiography, and the results could not be less surprising. Prince Harry undoubtedly called for reconciliation with Prince William, but some recent events have overshadowed all chances of reconciliation.

The Duke, in his leaked copy of Spare, mentioned how he and Prince William came to blows, as the latter called Meghan Markle a rude and harsh woman. The situation quickly deteriorated when William grabbed Prince Harry by the collar and knocked him to the floor during an argument. The revelations of such disturbing facts have shaken the Internet, as Twitter is already blazing with fire.

Twitter accused Prince William of abuse after Prince Harry’s accusations

Hours after The Guardian published a controversial excerpt from Prince Harry’s memoirs, Twitter blasted the platform, calling William a “bully.” The platform is trending with the hashtags #WilliamIsABully, and thousands of them are voicing their opinions on this. Sussex fans have been outraged by the royal family, who have given the Duke and Duchess a hard time. Meanwhile, in a rare gesture, Wales supporters have also called on their princes for his alleged actions.

Amid the Harry and William fiasco, people even lashed out at the late Queen, saying she was “extremely controlling.” It also gave William’s outrageous attack on Prince Harry an expression of jealousy, since Harry married for love, although he could not.

Another called on the royal family, warning them that their “Never Complain, Never Explain” program would not last long.

The tweet even called Prince William a man with a fragile ego, as he called Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, rude and harsh.

Bullies like William invariably turn out to be the ones curled up in the fetal position.

Go ahead, Harry!!!#WilliamIsABully pic.twitter.com/s3AhurNc0V

— 🏳️ 🌈 b McArthur (he, him) (@bmcarthur17) January 5, 2023


The royal family is demanding an answer to Prince Harry’s accusations so that they do not face a violent catastrophe from the public. From the release of the documentary series to the timely statements of their youngest prince, they were pretty silent about everything. However, it seems that soon they will need to put aside their careless behavior and present some explanations to the angry public.

What do you think about this? In the battle of the Windsors against the Sussex, which side are you on? Let us know in the comments below.


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